The term used for smoking the bud of the cannabis sativa plant when you don't want anyone around you to know what your talking about.
guy: Dude, tonight we are definitely playing some Mario kart back at my place.

other guy: Awesome dude... Ill go pick up snacks...
by Dr. Large Penis April 30, 2012
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1. Racing video game series published by Nintendo, featuring primarily characters from the Mario franchise.

2. A sexual act involving the ejaculation of a dog inside of you, or your ejaculation inside a dog.

Mario: Hey brother, you up for a game of Mario Kart?
Luigi: Sure thing bro, get the Gamecube set up.

Mario: So, you got any plans tonight?
Luigi: Eh, not much, was thinking of doing a Mario Kart...
Mario: That poor dog of yours doesn't know what's coming...
by WitherHD November 19, 2017
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