When you're in a hurry to get somewhere so you cut corners and weave through traffic without signaling to get there a bit faster while being a total asshole.

Can also apply to walking - going off of paved walkways, stepping over the grass and through bushes, weaving through people like traffic and not giving a shit if you bump into people's shoulders or step on flowers.
Dude #1: Fuuu, we're going to be late and there's an exam today.

Dude #2: Nah we'll be fine, I'm gunna mariokart this shit. Fasten yo seatbelt.

Example 2 -

Dude #1: Man, your pants are all cut up and shit. Looks like you're bleeding, wtf happened?

Dude #2: I was gunna be late so I had to mariokart through some bushes and tripped.
by Phanick November 23, 2015
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The most famous Mario racing game where everyone claims they will destroy you only for all to get destroyed by the one true master.
Kid: I'm going to destroy you in a game of Mario Kart!
Secretly The Master: I'd like to see you try!
by Zorollusion November 28, 2017
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When you get 8 of your friends to sit on your couch and masturbate,whoever finishes last is declared the winner
and whoever finishes first has to clean the sperm off of the floor with their tounge
Billly! Why are you home so late? Oh, it's nothing mom! Me and my friends were just playing "Mario Kart"
by McGizzle64 January 17, 2011
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A form of date-rape in which the offender renders the victim unconscious with sedatives and then the offender's friends run the victim over with a car.
Connor: Man, I got arrested last night. I'm out on bail and I gotta get a whole legal team together.
Dave: Really? What happened?
Connor: I roofied the shit out of this girl and then Jake and Arnie ran her over in my Prius. They got me on conspiracy to commit murder and sexual assault.
Dave: What the fuck? Why would you do something like that?
Connor: Haven't you ever heard of a Mario Kart?
by Ike who is liked August 22, 2007
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Mario Kart is the racing game series made by Nintendo. It was made to realistically simulate driving in Italy.
"You wanna see how it's like driving in Italy, play Mario Kart!"
by Wasabi_i February 04, 2020
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dem pussies dont even know how to fight, dere just mario kartin all day man
by thiswordwillbebigoneday February 02, 2009
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