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In World of Warcraft, short for Zul'Farrak, a level 40-50 instance dungeon located in the northwest corner of Tanaris, home to the Sandfury trolls.
keelznoobz: LFM ZF NEED HEALER
by nphp May 14, 2007
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A website very much like slashdot that "is all about user powered content. Every article on digg is submitted and voted on by the digg community."
Basically this means that there are no editors, aside from the users. When a story is submitted, it must recieve a certain amount of "diggs" before it is promoted to the front page, where the linked article will sometimes succumb to the "digg effect" due to the massive increase in traffic. The comment system works the same way as the article system in the way that comments can be "dugg" when they are good, but they also be buried when they suck. Any user has an unlimited amount of diggs and buries, which sometimes causes problems, but the system works for the most part.
My website got promoted to the front page on digg and was knocked offline due to the digg effect.
by nphp July 27, 2006
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A kick ass game for the Nintendo DS, released on November 14, 2005 for the US and December 8 in Japan, it was also the first game (along with Tony Hawk's American Sk8land) to make use of the DS's wifi capabilities. You could race online with up to four players in 16 of the 32 tracks.
Because this was Nintendo's first foray into online gaming, the online part of the game had a couple minor issues. For one thing, there was no way to communicate. Also, you could not trade friend codes in game, which meant if you found someone on Worldwide mode with whom you had a really fun time, there is no way you will know if you will play them again. Despite these and other small problems the game still kicked ass.
Mario Kart DS might be described as the best WiFi game released to-date.
by nphp July 27, 2006
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Microsoft's new portable MP3 player which Microsoft hopes to be an "iPod killer". In all probability will die because everyone and their dog already has an iPod and is satisfied with it.
Microsoft's new MP3 player has the totally 1337 name "Zune".
by nphp July 27, 2006
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Derived from slashdot effect, an insane increase in traffic after a link to a news article is promoted to the digg.com front page. This is sort of like an unintentional DDOS attack, but sometimes the increased traffic (and ad exposure) causes webmasters and bloggers to post links to their sites on digg.
The digg effect will usually not have much of an effect on larger websites but small websites may be shut down quickly due to the server not being able to cope with the high amount of requests or because all of their bandwidth is consumed.
I wanted ad clicks so I submitted my copied blog post to digg. It got promoted and my website was shut down due to the digg effect.
by nphp July 27, 2006
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