The reason for rage, many ruined friendships, and broken controllers. this is usually caused when the person in first about to cross the finish the race then they get hit by three red shells.
I was just playing Mario Cart with my friends now we don't even talk anymore and my Nintendo Switch is smashed on the floor.
by FireFrenzy February 28, 2019
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A boof thc cart that has hella shit in it. Most likely to be found in your local high school bathroom.
Jonny: Yo bro hit this cart this shits fire
Ricky: Bro this a boof ass mario cart
by Liebo_ January 26, 2022
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When a group of guys get in a circle and wank and who ever lasts the longest wins and who ever cums first has to lick it all up.
fag: You wan't to play mario cart

fag #2: I would love to
by 696969969696969969696 September 4, 2015
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When a guy invites his friends over to play Mario cart he wants to get gang banged by all of them.
Hey guys eantvto come over and play mario cart?
by Dr wood December 3, 2017
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When one person is playing Mario Cart and the other is giving them oral
Person A: Damnnnnnnnnn bro me and Jessie did some good ass Oral Mario Cart Sex last night.
Person B: Nice one bro, me and Chris gonna do some tonight.
by god_of_oranges August 2, 2021
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One person plays Mario Cart while the other person gives them oral.
wow! me and my honey-boo-boo really did a lot of Oral Mario Cart Sex yesterday night!
by god_of_oranges July 28, 2021
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do you need a mario cart is literally just asking if you need a cart they’re just adding the “mario” part into the question
do you need a mario cart?
yea i do mine ran out last week
by milfs101 November 16, 2021
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