a fineass woman that doesn’t need any boy or anyone to define her. she doesn’t need your shit. and quite frankly she doesn’t have to kiss you if she doesn’t want to
wow you go marina
by fineasswoman November 04, 2017
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Marina is kind and above all talented, she thinks with her heart. Marina is not judgemental, she reals me in when I get out of control, she works so hard. She may be quiet when you meet her but she has a whole world of jokes and imagination going on in her head; your very fortunate if she let's you in.
Girl: Marina is my best friend it was the worst thing when she moved away but her being here was the biggest gift I could have ever asked for

Girl 2: I never really understood her she was super shy
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by AlisoNewYork April 01, 2018
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The most loving human on the planet. If she comes on as rude or closed off, its because she'll never make the first move. But once she feels comfortable, she'll give you her entire heart. She is indescribable. Her beautiful, seductive eyes, long wavy hair, and fair skin will make you fall in love from across the room. If you're in love with Marina, which you definitely are, go get her. If you love her, she'll make sure to love you more.
I love Marina more than I could imagine.

Why is Marina so god damn perfect?!
by Alice Reed March 21, 2018
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Name for the most beautiful Croatian Princess. Dark haird and full of love. To see her is to be instantly brought up even from the deepest pits of despare and sorrow. She can delight even the meanest person with her dancing.

Marina's love soup chocolate and Chevape.

Her voice usually sounds like angels singing. Marina's are usually fobby enough to be extreamly cute without it being annoying. She is kind tender and gentle. with a vigorous sexual appitite. usually brought on by the consumption of Alcohol especially Gin. If you are lucky enough to have met a Marina you would never forget her.
Dancing the stress away is so Marina.

Marina thinks thats very Goot!

Marina will not drink Gypsy pivo!
by Jasethemountainman September 23, 2011
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the coolest person in the world just because thats how it is.
did you see marina? dang shes just so cool.
by muchoasshole November 24, 2009
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