She is their for you when you need her and a great best friend always have her never lose her she is the best
Marina is my best friend
by .....hahahah November 16, 2019
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She is one with the ocean and the sea, she is kind, giving and forgiving to those who are deserving.

A Mermaid, with long beautiful hair, awesome smile, and beautiful golden skin.

A lover of all mankind, she will fight to the death for what is good and right.

She can be vengeful and full of wrath to those who are unjust.

Loving, kind, graceful, lover of chocolate and strong coffee.

Protector of the Ocean and the Sea, she keeps her watchful eye on all Mariners, Marine Life, Sailors and Sportsmen.

She is your best friend and keeper of you secrets, she is you lover and your protector.
by John623 February 02, 2010
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A Marina is one of the best people you’ll ever meet. She’s kind, funny, a little sarcastic, daring, and doesn’t let anything get in her way of achieving a goal. She’s skinny, but has a little bit of curves. Perfect, beautiful, just a little bit sensitive. Has green eyes and short, brown hair. Is a little bit crazy but when things need to be serious, she is. Doesn’t let you in immediately, you have to spend time with her in order to gain her trust and friendship. She knows about life’s ups and downs almost more than anyone and will give you the best advice. She will forgive you if she thinks you truly deserve it. If your best friend, like mine, is called Marina, you are truly blessed.
Marina, you really are the best friend a person could ever ask for.
by Coquitopuffs December 31, 2018
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shes hot ,nice, good looking ,fun , really funny ,
the best friend you can have .

she got swag , and if fun to hang out with .
daaaaayum is that marina ?
yeah why ?
is she single ?
by lalaland101 August 19, 2011
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Marina is a very beautiful girls name. Anyone with the name Marina is the coolest person in the world!

A girl that is absolutely stunning and has the body of a Godess with plenty of boobs and ass. She has a very lovable nature and once you get to know here you will wonder where she has been all your life.

Marina's are fun, lovable, kind, dirty minded, hot, beautiful, crazy, gorgeous and down to earth! This type of girl deserves to be unconditionally loved and treated like a princess at all times :)
Alex: I know this smokeing hot ginga in my Accounting 101 class, gawd daym shes fine!

Ryan: O yer, have i seen her?

Alex: Fuck yer, shes that stunner that rocked the Blue dress in the Business School

Ryan: O yer, Man shes a Babe!

Alex: Yer thats Marina :)
by Mr A Wright June 07, 2011
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Marina is a studious, stubborn, caffein addict, perfectionist, nostril flaring, adventure seeking, chapstick wearing, moustache waxing, baby hair aficionado. She is sometimes moody, but mostly pleasant. She is a foodie who does not get fat. Sometimes pronounce Marinara (like the sauce), she will "kick you in the face" with her long legs. Allergic to the spotlight, she avoids direct affection, unless drunk.
Dale: Damn who's that?
Giovanni: It's Marina! She's a skinny foodie with a moody! Damn I would love to sack her booty.
by workhardplayhard June 16, 2019
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One of the coolest girls you know. Shes still finding herself and is absolutely beautiful inside and out. She believes in love and just wants to have it for herself. She usually has a few close friends and likes to be at the beach. Her favorite color is orange or green and shes crazy about someone.
"Did you see Marina? Shes so pretty and cool!"
by lmfaobro13213 January 11, 2012
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