Although a Christan, Marina is one really awesome girl who will be your personal therapist when it comes to sad times.

She's a strong believer in God, Jesus, and hope in general.

Marina is a really nice, funny and happy person, and she'll always be there for friends when they really need it.

She's also a really intelligent person, who could be a smart ass sometimes, but she means well.
My God, where is Marina when you need her?

If you ever need some help, go to Marina. She'll definitely help you.
by AnimeWeeb771232177 January 26, 2019
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The best girl that you can ever meet, marina is a very kind and friendly person, she can be rude but she cares deep down, and also the best lover you'll ever find, she's romantic, she'll make you feel wanted, and she's also a great friend that you can talk to about anything and express your feelings, but she doesn't take crap from anyone, not even her lover, she's gonna make you scared for your life..
"Did you see marina today? She was stunning"

"I know right she's a catch, I'd love to know her better"
by DANIeeeeelLll November 23, 2019
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Literally the greatest person in the world.

Like, there is no comparison.
Going to see Marina today because she's literally the best.
by RooplesPooples December 19, 2016
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Marina, is a diamond but also a stone. She shines bright and is worth so much but also stern and tries hard for what she believes in or wants. She thrives for success and it results in amazing acts. Her kindness and beauty are one of her many good qualities. Her hands are soft and a touch is enough to make you fall in love. Her eyes are beautiful and get smile is the kind that will make you look over and stare at her for minutes straight. She's one of a kind.. just like her name!
You won't find a Marina anymore but if you do, keep her!
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by Marykany March 07, 2017
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She is the best girlfriend ever. She loves sports. She loves dogs. She is an affectionate person. Whenever you see her she will be smiling or laughing ( because that's what she's made out of). She loves challenges. She is the girl who makes you happy when your sad. She is your stress reliever!! Once she finds a guy she likes she will keep on to him and NEVER let him go!!

KEEP ON TO A MARINA!! You'll regret it if you dont hold on to her!!!
Person 1 have you seen Marina?
Person2 yeah she is the best a guy can ever get!!
by Nice, amazing, sweet May 01, 2017
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A stunning female.
Intelligent and quirky.
Overachiever, always wants to be the best.
Has a gorgeous body; skinny yet curvy.
Has an amazing personality, and a contagious smile.
by sorrymarilyn June 16, 2013
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She is one with the ocean and the sea, she is kind, giving and forgiving to those who are deserving.

A Mermaid, with long beautiful hair, awesome smile, and beautiful golden skin.

A lover of all mankind, she will fight to the death for what is good and right.

She can be vengeful and full of wrath to those who are unjust.

Loving, kind, graceful, lover of chocolate and strong coffee.

Protector of the Ocean and the Sea, she keeps her watchful eye on all Mariners, Marine Life, Sailors and Sportsmen.

She is your best friend and keeper of you secrets, she is you lover and your protector.
by John623 February 02, 2010
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