Maria is usually a hispanic girl. She is a dreamer, and she is very passionate. Although, sometimes she can be really lazy and carefree.Marias are shy in the beginning, but once you open up to them, they will love to open up to you! Marias are very strong about their opinions, and they cant stand it if you dont listen to their side of the story.
Most of the time, Marias are amazing at drawing. Marias love to laugh, crack jokes, and have fun, enjoy life
How to make friends with a Maria: When you first meet her, talk about your intrests and hobbies, this will help you allot. Let her express her opinions, and express yours al well. DO NOT GET ANGRY OR FRUSTRATED IF SHE DOSENT AGREE WITH SOME OF YOUR OPINIONS, OR MIND YOU, THIS IS A 1 WAY TICKET TO MARIA'S BAD SIDE! After she likes you enough, just keep discussing things with her, Marias love new conversations! Bonus: Add her on Facebook and share songs with her. She'll like that.
Additional Info: Marias have a slight temper against the following people: Jerks, Bullies, Snobs, Hypocrites, Cry-Babies, and annoying people.
I had the most engaging conversation of my life with Maria.
by Personalityologist. July 07, 2011
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The most sexy girl you will ever meet, known to blow the minds of many men. Extremely talented and beautiful, eyes cut from stars.
The song. "Maria.. I just met a girl named Maria."
by Juddddee December 02, 2007
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One of the sweetest girls you will ever meet. Marias are usually church goers (hence the name) and will correct you if you say Oh my God. She's always making new friends wherever she goes. Tends to call herself fat but she's got a perfect body... Marias have beautiful blue eyes and the brightest blonde hair you will ever see. If you become friends with a Maria Don't stab her in the back. theyre good listeners and trustworthy with secrets.

She's not afraid to be herself and is a strong girl.

I'm glad I have a Maria in my life, she's my best friend and I'm never going to lose her.
Katie "You see that pretty blue eyed girl over there?"

Cody "Yeah?"

Katie "she's a Maria"
by km0218 May 10, 2012
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Is a gorgeous princess, you should treasure her cuz she is loyal and understanding, she will always bring the best in you, she knows how to make you laugh and smile, sexually attractive in every way, but the biggest thing is her personality being kind, smart, open minded, honest, if you trust her you will be the happiest man alive, I know all of this cuz I have a Maria in my life and maybe one day she will be my wife.
She’s so pretty and sexy and perfect, she must be a Maria
by Its_EMP July 02, 2019
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A person who makes your life worth living and makes you the happiest you’ve ever been and you fall in love the moment you see her, the cutest girl in the world. And she is amazing
That must be a Maria cause she’s lookin fine
by Bubbly6969 April 05, 2019
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