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Town in FNQ an hour from Cairns that no one has heard of. Full of wogs and drunken abos. Has one nightclub which no one would be seen dead in, and people prefer the alternative of drinking in the park, and passing out on the park benches. Often referred to as M-Town in oreder to make it seem cooler.
Georgina: I live in M-Town
Random: Where the hell is that
Natasha: Stuff this guy, lets get drunk in the Mareeba park. Look Angela already got the good bench.
by M-town Girl May 13, 2009
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Aye Chay Bro, Coons all day long on the park benches. Maccas and Centrelink in the hot spot for good petrol sniffing. Up in the Far north Queensland. We have the Special and almighty bird man who roams the town.
Ay cunt, you lib in Mareeba bro? Good petrol stations aye.
by Ashlem Bighole August 07, 2017
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A fully sick cunt of a place full of piss heads and drop kicks, people typically get suspended from the state high school for fights or drugs
Tian and Clayton got suspended from Mareeba state high today for getting drunk and shitfaced in class
by Mareeba October 07, 2017
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