Tian is a super good looking male or female. S/he is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS and super smart. Although they hide it with their typos and silly sense of humor, they are probably the smartest person you will ever meet in your life. Being tall, dark, and handsome/beautiful, this person is the partner of your dreams. ;)
Person 1: Who is that????
Person 2: That’s Tian!
Person 1: TIAN??? *in a super surprised and slightly impressed voice* she’s soooo cool and hot
Person 2: OMG you’re so right. I’m so aroused.
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Usual pronounciation / Chinese pinyin: tiān, Common error in pronunciation by uninformed English-speakers: Tee-ANN / Tee-AWN.

Can refer to sky, field, cosmos, heaven, or forehead in Chinese. Is usually used in conjunction with Lei in a name. Lei means thunder in Chinese. Coincidentally, the bottom part of the word 雷(Léi) is 田, which is pronounced tián. The pronunciation 'tián' can also refer to 甜, meaning sweet.

Of course, all of this only applies to Chinese.
Jo: I met a girl named Tian today and decided that I should research her name.

Kerwin: Great idea! Once you're done, you should totally research every other kid's name in the school and post it on Urban Dictionary dot Com!
Jo: Will do! Thanks Kerwin.
by MoneyisAwesome September 8, 2009
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Somebody named Tian is a very cool person, if you know anybody named Tian you should go up to him and give him some candy
A) Are you a Tian?
B) yes
A) okay here you go have some candy!
by A tired tian November 12, 2021
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Tian is an attractive, intelligent, and humorous young lad with a brilliant taste in music. #TB4L
Me: Dude Tian has a hyooj glock in his pants.
Tian: That ain't no glocket thas a pocket rocket
by Milkweed999 January 10, 2022
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A word for a well manerd boy Who had respect for everyone in world.
He is a good Tian
by Sam Northwest November 20, 2017
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acronym for That Is Awfully Nasty.
by jyjyjyjyjy August 17, 2017
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A person who refuses to believe they arent straight while indulging in clearly homosexual behavior.
A:“wow those two guys work really well together, they should date.”
B:“its never gonna happen, one of them’s a tian
by x69Sasha69x May 19, 2022
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