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usually quite a pretty girl; seems shy at first impression but then you see how extremely social she is with everyone; has a small group of best friends; never flusters around boys: always tries to be kind
Student, "Oh my god, that girl is just so shamma."
by examplesomething March 06, 2010
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girl who is popular and kind to other and never flusters around boys and she is soo funny she laughs soo loud that every one hear it and she is beautiful kind and what she what happens And girl who is friends with every one
She is Shamma
by Shamma123 June 13, 2018
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Somehow the most beautiful girl you know (no one else likes her though???) yet also one of the most quiet and reserved people you know. If she's in you friend group, she's one of the few or the only one you don't talk to directly. She's probably related to someone in the friend group too. Every attempt to impress her fucking fails horribly. Whenever you remember the one time she spoke to you 2 years ago, you either smile a little and bask in the memory or cry because she's never talked to you since.
I like Shamma but I'm too pathetic and socially awkward to even speak to her.
by KT1682 May 04, 2019
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the amazing grazing slave raising rueben eating bison; sun god;shammas

The only word that is every part of speech (noun,adj,verb,shammas,etc.)
SG wants to know where the shammas is. The shammas is in the shammas making a shammas sandwitch.
by gardenoftheolive September 12, 2009
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Shamma is a popular girl that can be two faced sometimes. She can be very loud, funny and social and always a beloved leader that likes to joke around, but sometimes she can be a mean girl that's very rude.
by Sara almehairii June 15, 2017
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