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The day of mourning when millions of emo hearts simultaneously break as eyeliner runs down our faces. This... is the day when My Chemicals Romance broke up.
Person 1: dude what’s wrong
Emo: It’s March 22 *silently cries*
Person 2: oh bro i feel you.
by sararstark March 27, 2018
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The national Emo day of mourning, when our lord and saviors, MCR , broke up.
Emo 1: yo bro why u cryin?
Emo 2 :I got a little march 22 in my eye
1: bro
2: bro
by tootMcgoot July 12, 2016
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March 22?? Apart from Mcr breaking up.
March 22 is the best birthday ever! Jam out to Mcr all day and chill. Sounds like a rocking birthday to me.
Person 1: Ay yo, when’s your birthday?
Person 2: March 22?
Person 1: You lucky little shit
by January 02, 2018
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