Falls on November 15th; a day for all women to celebrate their youth and naughtiness.
by vioguevara15 November 5, 2013
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All bitch's hate this day if you hate this day you is a bitch
Hannah:the bitch mad hahhaha

Bitch day
by nini6752 October 23, 2019
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Any day that a lot of people at youtr school or know are acting like bitches for no reason or there mad at someone.
"Shut up loser". Wow I think today must be bitch day!
by the myth the man the legend April 26, 2010
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National No Bitches Day (April 26th) is a national holiday celebrating your lack of bitches.
Hey guys, it's National No Bitches Day!
by Dudebroe April 26, 2022
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on december 22nd it is slap a bitch day,a day where you can slap all the bitches that you don't like
slap a bitch day? yes please
by karenhater November 10, 2020
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