Short for a Marlboro Cigarette. Very common slang.
You want to smoke a marb with me?
Hell, you know I would never pass up a FREE cig.
by Isar February 9, 2006
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A beautiful girl who is a bit emotional but as soon as you get to know her it's worth it.She will make you laugh so much with her some what weird humour. Shes down to do anything with her friends.But be careful how you treat her cause she can go cold hearted In a second.One of her flaws is caring to much and having to much of a big heart.
Marbely ,oh yeah I know her she is super nice.
by Edward.892 May 6, 2017
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A kind and loving person who will make you laugh when times are rough . Always a person who loves being with their love ones and makes halarious puns. They will always be there when needed and will show you the true meaning of love.
Marbeli: The best person to trust your love with!
by Asomewolf December 29, 2017
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a mexican kid who is really bad ass
that mexican kid must be a marbing
by Greg Overbay October 7, 2011
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A derogatory sound used to emasculate any blatant attempts to show off through anecdotes or other verbal communication. However, most people who do show off through long boring anecdotes fail to realise this mocking gesture, which allows the word to be used with impunity. For full effect it must be said in an exaggerated upper-class accent.
"... and after that we went to Harrods for tea and I tipped the waitress £30 and she gave me a wink and her number."
"Ooooh, marb."
by James C April 16, 2007
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basically its poop. shit.etc..

you can say marb as a secret code name when you don't want people to know you have to use the bathroom.
"OMG Charly I have to marb really bad"

"Tiara please! That marb was terrible!"

"Do you have to marb?"
by Tee-vic, Charly February 24, 2010
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