Weebles are little bugs in THC,when you smoke they go into your stomach and eat all of the food, so you eat more and more and more, and the reason you come down is, when the weebles eat too much they explode.
by smokie December 17, 2003

Many many uses!!!

The all perpose drug
"I smoke marajuana not pot...DAAAAA!"
by Colin B September 30, 2004
A Spiritual Religion In which is Practiced by the Consumption of Marijuana whereas the User Experiences Spiritual Guidance & Release of all Negativity within the Body, Mind & Soul. The belief is based with One God who put this Plant (Marijuana) on this earth for a spiritual purpose and relaxes the users in Peace and Tranquility. This Religious God derives from the Bible. The Holy Bible Reference is Believed to be Genesis 1:29. "I Have Given You Every Herb and Fruit that Yields seed for you it shall be for food." It is a Religion that allows it's believers to enter heaven based on their choices in the good of their souls.
My Religion is Marajuanaism.

I Practice Marajuanaism With my spiritual Leaders.
by Marijuanic1992 October 17, 2012