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Pronounced as if rhyming with cow.

Phrase indicating a state of euphoria usually sexual in nature but can be used to indicate something that is generally pleasing.
After taking her out to the movies we came back to my apartment and it was Mao Mao.

by Broane November 17, 2007
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Sperm left on a surface to crisp
Girl: Im not sleeping in the wet patch tonight.
Boy: Its only mao- mao
by Bxa cRu July 06, 2003
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Maomao origins from the word mao, which is a shortened form of lmao. Maomao is a "cuter" way of saying lmao, although it has two meanings. It's first meaning was the same as lmao, but then, and unknown time later, it acquired a secondary definition. The second definition was "cute." If you hear someone say maomao, they could be saying something is funny, or that something is cute.
So the other day, Jenny walked around without realizing she had a huge sticky note in her hair!

Aw, I just maomao'd so hard!

Ooooh! That kitty is super maomao!
by Airflare July 29, 2009
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