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The manliest form of awesome that is in existence. In the second world war, the german forces created many different war machines to try to accomplish their goal of global domination. Their first tank, the german Panzer, was of good design and solid construction. The second type to be designed was known as the Model-2-Panzer shortened to the Manzer. This model had it not been seized by the allied forces before put into production, could very well have turned the tide of the war, and changed the face of humanity as we know it. It is rumoured that the design for the "Manzer" has been under lock and key by the US Government, so as to keep the world safe from the sheer awesomeness that would scorch humanity and end life as we know it.
Guy 1: "So the Manzer was supposed to be pretty amazing..."

Dothraki Peasant Women: "It is known"
by HistoryBuff1818 April 02, 2013
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