Origin is Hebrew, meaning "One with God" or "God is with us".
Manuela is a hard-working smart girl who is genuinely kind, and caring of others, even when she knows that the feeling may not be reciprocated. Although she may overthink things, in the end she stays true to herself, and succeeds in finding her own path, without negative influences from other people.
Manuela is a beautiful young lady who blossoms into a beautiful woman. She is never too thin, nor is she big. She is perfectly in the middle: fit and healthy, with curves for days.
Her unique appeal and artistic and creative ways make her an attractive person, as well as her exotic nature and good looks make her a true keeper.
-"That Manuela! She is so elegant, no matter what the situation she always manages to look great!"

-"Even after what that boy did to her, Manuela still wishes the best for him, genuinely, no matter how hard it is"

-"Manuela is so sweet, but she can really over-think things"

-"I love exotic women...I definetely want a Manuela"
by Mr.Collegiate August 21, 2012
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The most amazing and beautiful girl ever. At first she seems kind of shy, but when you get to know her she is the most fun person ever! She doesn’t care what others think of her, but she is still perfect. You would be lucky to have her in your life.
Dude 1: Man, that Manuela girl is so hot!
Dude 2: Yea well she’s my girl so fuck off
by MrStealUrGirl13 February 28, 2019
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One of the OG’s of the Brunches, a real latte macchiato. She can eat at all times and a shit ton, nevertheless, she still looks like a god damn goddess. She is hilarious and makes every room she is in brighter. She is cute, happy and optimistic and I think she cut her hair. She is a pleasure to be around.
“ I wish I were a Manuela”

“Manuela, lets get some pizza, pasta and some fondue for lunch”

“ I wish I had Manuela’s metabolism
by lol mother fucker December 17, 2019
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The origin of the name Manuela is believed to be: Hebrew
The meaning of the name Manuela is as follows: God is with us
The gender of the name is female
People with the name Manuela are usually very beautiful and have a great personality.
by abingabong icecream October 13, 2011
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a random person who really likes memes and is clueless. Manuela’s lack of sleep and can be reckless sometimes. Manuela’s never admit to liking someone and will attack you if needed. Manuela’s come off as quiet but once you know them for a while they are really annoying and loud. They are very insecure and has a lot of dark jokes. If a Manuela thinks you’re a decent person she will respond to your text as soon as she can. Manuela’s are very good at faking smiles.
Oh you mean Manuela? She’s pretty quiet in class
Manuela is so quiet but she can also be really loud

You mean Manuela? Hell no
by this is a bad idea July 5, 2019
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There is simply no way to put Manuela in words. She transcends language itself in a way that describing is akin to describing abstract concepts like beauty and perfection. With the limitations of language taken into account, the best way to explain the significance of Manuela is by learning the name’s origin and meaning. It derives from Hebrew, meaning “one with God”. The origin perfectly encapsulates her true nature and association with the divine. Divine. No better word can so eloquently show her identity. She is directly from God to bless the Earth. Her light shines brighter than the Sun. Where she goes, heads turn, knees buckle, people faint. Her sole presence alters the world providing with warmth.
Naturally, one so divine cannot be flawless as that would upset the balance of the cosmos. Whatever Manuela lacks like seeing, orientation, and digestion are only to compensate with her other powers like gayness, intelligence, and hotness. Her obsession with tiktok and her chaotic silly goose mood make her one of the funniest persons on the planet. Manuela is Doja Cat’s muse among thousands of other artists who have tried to capture girlbossness, hotness, and beauty in song. Her extensive intelligence allows her to know all anime facts and is able to correct any incorrect opinion.
There’s nothing to say except that

-this does Manuela very little justice, nothing could be enough
-you either have the luck to *be* Manuela, the blessing to *meet* Manuela, or live a sad life.

Jorge: its so unfair Manuela will never relate to Olivia Rodrigo’s lyric “But maybe I’m just not as interesting As the girls you had before”
Poopy asssss
by Poopyass17 November 24, 2021
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Luigi "guy I would have come sooner but I was in the middle of Manuela"
by onesic6 December 30, 2009
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