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Origin is Hebrew, meaning "One with God" or "God is with us".
Manuela is a hard-working smart girl who is genuinely kind, and caring of others, even when she knows that the feeling may not be reciprocated. Although she may overthink things, in the end she stays true to herself, and succeeds in finding her own path, without negative influences from other people.
Manuela is a beautiful young lady who blossoms into a beautiful woman. She is never too thin, nor is she big. She is perfectly in the middle: fit and healthy, with curves for days.
Her unique appeal and artistic and creative ways make her an attractive person, as well as her exotic nature and good looks make her a true keeper.
-"That Manuela! She is so elegant, no matter what the situation she always manages to look great!"

-"Even after what that boy did to her, Manuela still wishes the best for him, genuinely, no matter how hard it is"

-"Manuela is so sweet, but she can really over-think things"

-"I love exotic women...I definetely want a Manuela"
by Mr.Collegiate August 20, 2012
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The origin of the name Manuela is believed to be: Hebrew
The meaning of the name Manuela is as follows: God is with us
The gender of the name is female
People with the name Manuela are usually very beautiful and have a great personality.
by abingabong icecream October 13, 2011
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a hot latin girl who can please you beyond your wildest derams.usually very good grinders and belly dancers.
last night i went out with manuela and dudeee...let me tell you.
by thomaslovesmanuela April 07, 2008
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A very attractive atractive office woman working in the industry of business reaserch. More commonly brunette then blonde.
Gantea is the hottest girl in the office, shes one hell of a manuela.
by John Bogo November 29, 2005
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The act of 'spanking the monkey'. Masturbating. Choking the chicken. Mexican lingo to refer to masturbation. Manuela is derived or compossed from the word 'mano' or hand. Also known as 'handy'. Manuela, from the pronunciation of manual, mano, manuelear, 'to give a manual job'.
Ex: "Ya vas otra vez a la cita con Manuela". "There you go again on a date with Manuela" or "manuela no me dejo dormir anoche", "manuela didn't let me sleep last night". or, "manuela me entiende mejor que nadie" , "manuela undestands me better than anyone"... or "Esa vieja esta tan fea que preferiria manuelearme".. "that chick is so ugly that I'd rather 'manuelearme'".
by SHAMUKO May 19, 2007
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