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A nice, but sometimes annoying guy. Most of the time he has black hair and is a bit tall. He likes dark humor and dank memes and tries to make you happy. He might be a bit ugly but on the inside his nice if your nice to him. He doesn't really care about looks and just focuses on personality. He sometimes has negative thoughts and tries to hide it in so he can make you happy. He can forgive really easily but doesn't believe in 2and chances.
Person 1:Yo is that Manuel?

Person 2:Ya, sometimes his a dick but if you really get to know him he wants to help in the best way possible even if your just a random stranger.
by Kitsqndkatslover December 01, 2019

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A fucktard who likes to play Roblox and is a nerdy blonde kid who tries his best to get a girlfriend but always gets "friendzoned". He always acts as if he was okay with it but never is. Most of the time he will like a girl Sydney and have a MASSIVE crush on her but will never admit it because he is scared he might get friendzoned. He also has a fetish for armpits and assholes which is really fucking disgusting and worse than foot fetishers.
Person 1:is that Samuel?

Person 2:Ya, but don't try to get close to him because he has mouth diarrhea and cant stop talking about roblox

Person 1: Man this dude is retarded
by Kitsqndkatslover December 01, 2019

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