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Describing a man and/or his behavior that is stupid, childish and thoughtless toward his significant other. Displaying behavior that indicates that the man is not listening to or being compassionate for his significant other.

A variation of "insensitive dickwad" or "self-centered prick"
Sally: I hate this fucking gray nasty weather. I'm gonna go stab somebunny...BRB

John: I got a RedSox app

Sally: Why are you so mantarded? I told you I'm gonna stab somebody and you're talking about your phone app!?!
by justacomma November 30, 2010
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Mantarded - behavior exhibited by a male in a relationship that has reached a peak level of annoyance at a given time through random groping, touching, bothersome comments or other inappropriate actions because he is in the mood for sex, attention or affection of any kind and his wife / girlfriend wants nothing of the sort.
John: Hey ....look .... I put my ball sack on your shoulder while you are trying to study, don't you want to touch it? C'mon touch it'll be great .....pleeeeaseeeeee

Jane: Will you please leave me alone for 5 minutes! ....You are being so mantarded right now!
by jimg123 February 17, 2008
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