A manlet is a man below the average for a male and tends to have short limbs despite being a fully grown man.
Fatima Be3jawi: did you know that Serhani is only 4'9?
Chamkha foghaly: omg he is such a manlet lol.
by Khedja September 24, 2018
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a small man who has to use lines such as "Hi you are really beautiful and I would like to have sex with your ankles, can we do it please?" to get laid.

It has also been reported that manlets can die from eating a manwich. Their body cannot hand this amount of manly meat.
A man who is below 5'5" is a manlet. They even resemble a chode.
by A New Era April 10, 2007
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A shorter fully grown male who just happens to be 5'6" or under. They are usually very angry and bitter and channel their aggression toward women as they fear normal-sized men. They also try to overcompensate with working out and belittling others.
Can you believe this manlet thinks that Angelina Jolie is ugly?

Our boss is such a manlet.. he fired a man who joked about his height today!
by PotatoSaladCraving November 27, 2015
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A manlet is a dwarfed male that is 5"9 and under. Often insecure and overcompensate by working out or going on the Urban Dictionary and attempting to make the definition of manlet the height just below theirs.
Anyone under 5"3 is a Manlet.
by Expunisher December 20, 2015
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A vertically inferior specimen. Often characterized by a childhood void of carnival rides, dunks, and pussy.

Derived from the poem The Manley, by Lewis Carroll
Bro 1: Did you see that bra get his shit stuffed in the 4th quarter!?

Bro 2: Chyea Bra, I dun even know why he still plays. Dude's such a manlet.

Bro 1: Look at the Manlet hitting on that cougar!

Bro 2: She can take him home in her car seat!
by Spicybeef July 21, 2008
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Person 1: "Rick Moranis was history's first manlet, they should teach that in 50 years"
by DogWhoIsAChair January 4, 2021
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The condition of being a manlet, aka short male that usually compensates by getting ripped.
Poor josh, he suffers from manletism
by pussyplayer34 September 20, 2018
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