Doesn't exist in the west. Female privilege however deffinatly does.
Feminist: male privilege
Man: no
Feminist: that's sexism
*Man gets fired from current job*
by April 2, 2021
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the social theory which argues that men have unearned social, economic, and political advantages or rights that are granted to them solely on the basis of their sex, and which are usually denied to women.
He got the job over the women because he is a male. That is male privilege.
by tk1214 June 25, 2014
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A product of centuries of social conditioning that has ingrained male superiority (and, conversely, female inferiority) into our collective consciousness, resulting in a set of social, economic and political advantages accorded to men solely on the basis of their sex.

Naysayers claim that male privilege is confined to the past. Indeed, every generation likes to believe they live in fair and just times. But in reality, centuries of male privilege does not just vanish overnight and will likely take centuries to fully eradicate.
Examples of male privilege:

When a man walks down the street, he is left alone.
When a woman walks down the street, she is catcalled and sexually harassed.

When a man slips up at work, he is given a second chance.
When a woman slips up at work, she is disciplined, if not fired.

When a man speaks up in a meeting, everyone listens.
When a woman speaks up in a meeting, she is interrupted, belittled and/or silenced.

When a man is angry, he's just having a bad day.
When a woman is angry, she's a premenstrual bitch.

When a man is assertive, he is respected.
When a woman is assertive, she is a nagging bitch.

When a man succeeds, he "earned" it.
When a woman succeeds, she "slept her way to the top."

When a man reports a rape, he is believed.
When a woman reports a rape, she is accused of lying or "asking for it."

When a man beats/rapes/kills a woman, he is given the benefit of the doubt.
When a woman beats/rapes/kills a man, she is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

When a man abandons/harms his child, he is excused.
When a woman abandons/harms her child, she is an evil mother who is swiftly imprisoned.

When a man has sex, he's celebrated as a stud, legend or boss.
When a woman has sex, she's denounced as a sIut, whore or skank.

When a man gains weight, he is given a pass.
When a woman gains weight, she is mocked and ridiculed.

When a man goes gray, no one says a word.
When a woman goes gray, she is an old hag.
by qbdkusoemv December 11, 2017
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White Male Privilege

A term that "certain" ignorant and thin-skinned white dudes get butthurt over because they don't have even the slightest understanding of the difficulties that racial minorities, women, and LGBT folks face on a regular basis in society. They also have no understanding of the inherent advantages that white heterosexual males have in western countries, so they whine about being "persecuted" when people use the term "white male privilege". In actuality, these particular folks have no comprehension of what real persecution is.
BUTTHURT MEN'S RIGHTS ACTIVIST: Brie Larson is a misandrist because she used the term "white male privilege" in an interview for Captain Marvel! I'm gonna post a 30-minute YouTube video of me whining about it!
ME: ...........Dude. You need to get a girlfriend or a hobby.
by Alt-Right Dudes Are Closet Que February 26, 2020
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