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A girl or woman whose name is Danielle who displays very manly characterisics, has very greasy hair and is just very ugly. She has no dress sense whatsoever and is very rude. The only chance of her having a real relationship is on the internet. She resembles a man and has an awfully fat arse which takes up to 4 seats. She also is prone to body odour.
Dude whose the new girl?
Girl?? more like man. That's Manielle, she stinks like shit and i wouldn't touch her with a bargepole!
by skank101 August 07, 2008
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1. An extremely incredible Man. Referred to as such because of her Man-ish tendencies, i.e. soliciting female friends and taking six or seven of them on as her "lovers" at one time.
2. Someone named Danielle with the above mentioned qualities. "Manny" for short.
3. One who lies compulsively, and often follows comments with "Or do I?" Often referred to by others as a "lie spewing fountain," making these phrases synonymous.
4. Someone that brings cupcakes to every gathering. Often rumored to have an entire pantry full of cake mix and sprinkles.
1. "You're in love with Manielle?" Jordan cried, "She told me that what we had was special!?"
2. "Danielle needed a nickname so we created Manielle." Caryn explained.
3. "Then that stupid Manielle told me that she personally befriended Nancy Drew!" Coco cried.
4. "Are those cupcakes affectionately decorated in a silly fashion? Manielle must be here!"
by JordAn the Man. June 14, 2008
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