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A woman who goes from man to man in a short period of time.
Look out ladies, you better guard your man.... that lady is a manhopper.
by mjmirv June 21, 2007
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Typically a girl before she become slut. This is usually the middle ground before becoming a slut. for example, in high school when a girl doesn't want to have sex but still crushes on multiple boys even though she has one or two other boyfriends. She promptly leaves any of them when she gets bored. They crave attention and usually restrain from sex to save their reputation.
Guy 1: So how is it with you and Lily?
Guy 2: Oh yeah, I can't believe I ever fell for her because she was just another Manhopper
Guy 1: Yeah, that sucks...
by Lobster and Crab August 24, 2016
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