The pinnacle of all insults. Used to describe someone who is beyond the level of being a cunt.
by NeverAMangrove October 5, 2014
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1) A woody tree or shrub that grows in tidal estuaries, characterized by its indiscriminate rooting system

2) A guy who has both a high libido and fairly low standards when it comes to women, particularly when drunk. Typically, a man who has a lot of sex, but doesn't really differentiate who with.
i.e, Also an indiscriminate rooting system.

Pass Mike another beer, we need a mangrove to fall on that grenade dancing with those hotties.
by Spectre_nz March 17, 2006
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a wall of Guys at a Club, found around the side of the dance floor. most commily found at a club that guys out number girls. also known as a "Meat Fest"
That club was so lame, the Mangrove raped around the dance floor.
by kris-Co September 2, 2011
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1. Beard
2. Facial Hair
3. A man's pubic hair
Dude, it's time to trim that mangrove. You can't even see your face anymore!
"Time to manscape your mangrove," said the girl to her boyfriend.
by Pizzourya March 17, 2015
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A section of Goog Run that consists of a large, wooded path surrounded by apple trees, which, of course, bear sumptous apples. These apples are not eaten, though, they eventually are thrown at someone's (whose name shall remain annonymous) back and/or head.
When you run Goog Run, you must shout APPLE MANGROVE!
by Bozo the Clown March 15, 2005
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he take you into the mangroves he is the powerfishes arch nemesis and is a aussie spirit
mangrove merv is an australian icon as aussie spirit
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When someone takes a shit on your face and rubs it in with their butt cheeks to make a lovely spa quality mask.
She was feeling the need for a good facial, and he gave her a mangrove mask.
by Rellim Annasus February 10, 2009
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