Mango Juice is code for marijuana, used when in a public situation that would otherwise call attention to a discussion about weed, Mary Jane, or MJ.
"Hey I herd you sell mango juice, can I get some?"

"Yo wanna buy some mango juice?"

"Damn dogg I had so much mango juice yesterday.. I'm fryed.."
by K-YO.G. August 12, 2009
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Only the dankest of drinks available to the average human
Sam: this juice is terrible
Joe: are you kidding me? That's mango juice ! I don't even know you anymore.
by Billy_bob123 June 23, 2017
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The act of urinating inside of a girl's ass, then have anal. your penis will have a slight smell of mango juice.
My girl was thirsty the other night. so i gave her Brazilian mango juice
by Jeremy L______ong April 21, 2017
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best fucking fruit in the world i curl my toes just thinking of it. my mind goes into the state of euphoria and starts to melt into paradise. ive never felt so powerful drinking a mango flavored Jumex. it makes me feel some kind of way...
"i love Mango or mango juices"
"yeah, especially the Jumex!"
"tip sticky! 🤤❗"
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the mysterious abuelo of one iliena bauta. is he real? we may never know! let us know if you see him please he’s been missing for years
look it’s the mango juice man!”
“what are you talking about there’s nobody there.”
by mangojuiceman July 1, 2022
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