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Small pieces of duct tape or masking tape used to control bleeding in the absence of sterile bandages.
Keith spent hours putting down a new floor, stopping only briefly to apply mandaids after he injured himself.
by Tagz September 05, 2010
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Band-aids made for men who get injured in manly ways doing manly things. Such as construction, weight-lifting or eating red meat.
Construction Worker 1: Ahh, I just cut my finger off. I need a Band-Aid

Construction Worker 2: No man, you need a mandaid.
by 314 February 28, 2008
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The manly form of bandaid. It consists of a strip of Duct Tape and either a paper towel, napkin, or any absorbent cloth. The duct tape is then placed on any wound.
Dude i think i severed an artery.....
It's cool homie, just make a mandaid.
by UberWolfe February 18, 2007
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When duct tape is used to cover a bleeding wound. Often used by men who don't own first-aid kits
Hey John pass me the duct tape, i just sliced my wrist on the jig saw and need a mand-aid.
by bobmanmc September 07, 2009
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duct tape over an open wound, in hopes to stop the bleeding and avoid the medic.
Did Jody get stitches for that gash on his arm?
No! he just applied a man-daid and went back to work.
by white_devil_rise May 15, 2009
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A bandaid of the manliest sorts. Coonsists of duct tape, and tissue/toilet paper, or cotton. Some have even have attained a level of manliness as to where only duct tape is needed.
Real Man: "I cut off 3/4 of my arm while mowing through a crowd of hippes with my cahain saw."

Other Guy : "And you still have an arm!"

Real Man : "Of course I wrapped it in a mandaid."
by Chris Hargrave April 25, 2007
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A bandage fastened out of duct tape and a napkin
This cut won't stop bleeding. Grab me some duct tape and a napkin, I think I need a Mand-Aid.
by Oside79 February 23, 2014
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