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A small, warm-blooded mamal; usually one with a light complextion and blonde fur. Manbers are extremely annoying and seem to really piss everyone off. Manbers speak English , but due to an excessively low I.Q., most of what they say makes no sense at all.
Don't you just want to punch that manber and throw it off a cliff?
by LDStef January 28, 2010
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A self-righteous tool and/or douchebag who foolishly believes that he is the embodiment of manliness. A male who is the epitome of idiocy and genuine moronic behavior.
"So I was at this party and this drunken idiot started hitting on my girl, and kept shouting about how much she wanted him even though she called him a disgusting pig and told him to leave her alone."
"Sounds like a manber to me."
"A textbook case."
by yoyoyojoe November 19, 2007
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1. A man that lives life to the fullest and doesn't let anybody hold him down.

2. A man that dedicates his life to beer, T&A, fightsports, and violent animals (in no particular order).

3. A man that is cooler or more liked than most people without trying to be. He also doesn't gauge someones coolness by how others feel about him but instead judge them on how they feel about themselves.
1. "Wow, look at how happy they are! They are Man-ber."

2. "Let's go to the bar to watch the UFC fight. It's just gonna be a bunch of Man-ber."
by JuniorNE May 30, 2009
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To be a lesbian. A boy trapped in a womans body. To be scared to talk to the lesbian variety, and continueously break out in hives.
Look at Manber breaking out in hives, while shes talking to another chick.
by rawker April 11, 2007
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one who fights against a egomaniac clown fart calling himself hoohamoron on
as a manber, it is my duty to maul hoohamoron verbally every time he tries to demean or degrade another manber.
by HooHaha April 27, 2009
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