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Manbear: (N)

A hairy, overweight male who tends to stay up late then hibernate throughout the course of the day, waking up no earlier than dusk on an average weekday.

After awaking, a manbear's tendency's are to walk around in inappropriate boxers while his company (whether stuck from riding with "him" the night before, and or an invitee from the guest inside the den) while "he" continues to sleep.

Invitations are commonly issued in the manbear's residence while anticipating the awakening, as their sleeping cycle can vary dramatically from 10 to even over 24 hours in one instance.
Joe: Man i was fucking stuck at the manbear's place all damn day today waiting on him to come out of his den.

Bob: Damn that sucks for you i had a fat blunt of some purp, and some drank i was sippin on, i called your phone but it seemed like it was dead.

Joe: I knew this shit would happen, and when he finally came out of his cave around 8pm he was barely dressed with his hairy flab exposed and his turtle head poking out his boxers!
by Brando239 December 12, 2007
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To insert a cigar tube into a woman's anus in an attempt to provide maximum stimulation during sexual intercourse. Normally only done while in the doggy style position.
"That is one nasty bitch; I heard she even let Andy man-bear her last night"
by riverrats May 05, 2009
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Someone who is a complete cock nose and regularly shits the bed when it comes to updating contract pricing should be referred to as a man bear.
Chris cost us $20,000 in sales last month? That motherfucker is a total man bear.
by lobsterneuberg May 07, 2009
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A female named Samantha. Originates from the inability of a dense child to pronounce the name Samantha.
What's your name?

Manbear Frankland.

Manbear? That can't be your name. Show me your id. Oh right, you mean Samantha!
by Henry "Henners" D January 01, 2009
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A very hair man who likes to crush and RAWR! and spill much MS paint blood.
Arby is such a manbear.
by Gordie February 04, 2004
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to dominate sexually or non sexually, destroy, or succeed at a task in a savage or bear-like manor.
Carter: Did your see Brank and that beezy hookin up?

Noah: he man beared that shit somthin' fierce..... as always
by noah y. October 22, 2008
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