An ideology that claims resistance to systemic oppression, but is blinded by its own privilege; largely the domain of young, straight, white, able-bodied, cisgendered college educated men. A portmanteau of "man" and "anarchy"
"did you hear that black chick call me racist? i'm just trying to give a compliment. black women have beautiful bodies, i don't think they hear it enough. whatever, she's probably a dyke"
"sorry bro, sounds like she doesn't dig manarchy, bro"
by mackys February 23, 2012
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a form of government run entirely by men
the manarchy is in power! all hail the manarchy!
by Dean E August 17, 2005
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Anarchy for men.

The general governing system for Frat houses.

While anarchy is typically defined by the ethos "no gods, no masters", manarchy is exemplified by freedom based upon The Bro Code.
"bro that frat house is a wild place"
"yeah man they have no rules, its absolute manarchy there"
by jaybirdlaw September 13, 2020
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A political system that is a blend of anarchy and male dominance. In order to solidify rule of the male gender, all females under this system would be shipped to an island (currently hypothesized to be some islands in the Caribbean) where they shall be kept in containment cells and have their eggs harvested in order to keep the human race reproducing.
by Anarchy is the Solution August 4, 2009
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The raucous behavior exhibited by men watching sports. Often follows some action in game, regardless weather it's good or bad for the local team. Found in stadiums, sports bars, basements, living rooms... anywhere sports can be viewed.
Bill: Man that riot after the Roughriders won the Grey Cup was CRAZY!
Charlie: Yeah It was total Manarchy!
by benjamin2375 April 29, 2008
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