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Used as in the context of shock. Or awe. Usually when said it's exhaggerated. Also used to replace 'oh my god'.
1. Man alive!! (whilst perving at fit dancer in BCM)
2. Man alive that is beaut! (Whilst shopping and seeing a nice top)
3. Maaaaaan aliiiiive (As opposed to swearing whilst on a rollercoaster)
by Lynsey A-star July 27, 2005
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A rare, odd exclamation. Suitable for all occasions and company. Originates in Upstate New York.
Kid in Car: "What the F...? (Remembers parents) Man Alive! Did you see that ass...knucklehead on the motorcycle?"
by Oldbull June 28, 2009
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Interjection, usually followed by an "unbelievable" event
Drunk brother: Man alive, did I have to shit!

Me: Congratulations. Now die.
by Alexa January 16, 2005
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