6. Man up can also mean for an individual to be (not "act") mature, to grow up, quit being childish, to change their ways and turn around (do a 180) and to go the correct way from now on, etc...

7. Close to that: man up can also mean for someone to stop being self-centered and to look at what they are doing, or how they are acting - for them to change viewpoints, and perspective on the situation(s) and move forward in the correct direction in their life, and/or in others lives.

8. Man up can also mean for one to be a leader, to step up to the plate when no one else will, to give it your best shot, to TRY!
6. Finally at age 38 I realized that I wasn't helping out anyone else but myself when I did those things, so I (did man up) grew up & repented of my ways (did a 180 degree turn from where I was at before, to go the other way now). It took some doing, and I am still working on it, but at least my family & friends know where I stand now.

7. Yanno, I wasn't sure where I was headed, because I really had no goals in my life; but since I met her - I (did man up) am on the right path!

8. When no one else would do their duty to step out onto the Battlefield, a scrawny Private (did man up), took notice, stood up, and started working his way through the enemy lines. His initiative brought on a great victory that day, and now he is a Hero to many.
by IrishDaddy2U April 11, 2010
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Female shaming term used to make men act against their own self-interest and for the benefit of women. Also used by manginas and white knights in the futile hope of scoring with women.
That white knight told me to "man up" and take care of that chick who is on welfare and has three kids by three different dudes.
by Jofish Marmar February 19, 2017
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A calling to bring out the masculine side of girly men and whinny little boys.
Yo better man up before i slap your mustach sideways now.
by Dan February 03, 2004
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To take responsibility for your selfish actions, reflect on the consequences, and make an effort to make things right through words and actions.
Why are you sexting me? I'm pissed at you, and will be until you man up.
by accident-prone August 28, 2010
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originally used in context to video games in which, if a player's character was on the verge of death, one would shout to the player to "man-up." has elvoved into meaning "stop being a big wussy baby."
Dude, stop crying and man-up! (or)

Tony: Dude, can we take a break from the Wii? My hands are cramping?
Ralph: Man-up, wuss!
by SUPER-AWESOME-MAGIC November 29, 2006
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An uplifting imperative, derived from the saying "be a man about about it" - to grow a pair, to stop being childish, to stop complaining etc.
This saying can be used in many situations.
1) 'C'mon Gareth, man up! There's no time for tears in this day and age.'
2) After some hurtful comments from a female colleague, Gareth turned to Jimmy for advice. Jimmy said "Grow a pair and man up!"
3) 'Gareth is acting so childish - he needs to man up'
by meandmyfufu January 26, 2011
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Derived from the phrase "cowboy up", meaning "be tough, be strong, act like a real cowboy", which was in use in rodeo circles at least since the mid-1970's. "Man up" means, similarly, "be tough, be a man, do what a man should do." Other derivations, such as "woman up", are common.
Stop complainign and man up!
by Aab July 12, 2006
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