Milian is a beautiful girl with a personality that will blow you away. She is a very truthful person and can't stand when people lie. But domt be fooled because she is very dirty minded.She is a great best friend, and everyone knows she will be successful in life.
Wow, I wish I could be friends with a Milian! She is so beautiful!
by Anonymous2k17 January 1, 2017
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Libor Milian (born May 17,1985) is an American/Russian singer-songwriter. He writes country and folk music, and is also a photographer and photo Model from San Diego, California, and Khabarovsk, Russia. Top 100 Download Turkey You left away position 30.New Artists 2016.Was nominated for musical in Nashville.You left away songs 50 Best of Surf Music California in year 2016.The songs You left away debuted at No. 1 on Love Songs.Celebrated became because Dance Country and Folk music.New Generation Country Music Star 2016.

☀Selected Music Awards:Find Year 2016.

Libor Milian – You Left Away Lyrics

you left away
and i stayed there, just me
you left away, and tears i cried
i went’m gone, was i prefer when you were here now i sit quitly,
was you better when you were here already unless i almost when you’re gone.

you left away
and i stayed there, just me you left away, and tears i cried.
i was waiting for someone,
well i dit not know i was a traitor addressed.
with us you get it messed up never again look at you.
you left away, and i stayed there, just me you left away, and tears i cried
Libor Milian
by katysssss March 20, 2017
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a sexy, hott, beautiful, funny, 25-year-old who i idolize! she is insparational and REAL. she ain't no hood rat chick Her ass and her legs make me drool thats how fine she is! she iz sooo cool sand i love her more than my family!
man, i saw christina milian on t.v. and she waz shakin' her ass i almost lost it!
by honolulu October 17, 2006
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She is my favorite singer in the world and I love her!! Born on September 26th, 1981, she became popular in the Music Industry in 2001. her hit singles include: A.M. to P.M. 2001 "Dip it low" 2004 and "Say I" 2006
Christina Milian is one of da baddest bitches she rox my sox!!!
by Audrey Rose April 21, 2008
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A black, 27-year-old R&B singer who was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, in the USA. Her birth name is Christine Flores. She moved to Los Angeles, California when she was 13 in hopes of becoming an actress, and by the time she was 17 she began writing songs to get a record contract. Right now, she's an actress, a model, and a dancer, among other things. She is turning 28 on Sept. 25 2009. Her first album was released in 2001.
I mostly like Christina Milian for her music.
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an American television personality, lecturer, and retired Florida Circuit Court judge. Since March 12, 2001, Milian has presided over the long-running American courtroom television series The People's Court, replacing Jerry Sheindlin, and has been with the program ever since.
In contrast to The People's Court's previous arbiters, Marilyn Milian is considerably more animated in her role,8 but she's also known for being levelheaded and logical in her observations and handling of the cases.89 Although engaging for the most part
by SPrice1980 May 13, 2023
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