"Man of Culture" is a weeb term that defines a person who enjoys things that are typically regarded with, in weeb society, high opinion.
I got my friend into anime. I noticed him watching Ishuzoku Reviewers yesterday, completely without my provocation. I'm glad I've turned him into a man of culture.

Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well.
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A man who has a really bad porn addiction and an absolute degenerate. Everyday he goes on the Internet to find the most sexual post on social media and comments on how men of culture have gathered around. Typically is in his 30s and still needs financial support from his parents money. His house is so messy that if you came inside, you would've thought it was a crime scene. For most of the day he's in his room on the computer and jerks off for insane amounts of period and is absolutely wasted when he is done. His needs for porn are so extreme that even the most extreme porn on the Dark web isn't enough to get him off and sometimes watches hentai to fulfill the need. He also uses alot of toys and has multiple screens of porn running at once. His favourite thing to do when jerking off is edging as it makes him feel like a pathetic cuck that only exists to satisfy his Onlyfans goddess. Men of Culture have their start out as social rejects so when something really bad happens to them, they start masturbating to porn is a getaway from reality. To them, Porn is the only way in life and they are Completely Hopeless unless porn is around. They just need some love and support to help them get back on their own feet and realise life is not just porn and there is so much more to it than just goddesses.
"Check out my new XtraTightDoubleJointedPussyJerkinator10inchButtfucker 3000! I'm so excited to get absolutely gooned and wasted off this with my 100 screens streaming porn at the same time!"

Said a person to his friends

"I see, So you are a Man of Culture as well"
Replied another
by 5Skin not 4Skin April 3, 2022
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Basically another term for an anthropologist. Knows a lot about cultures and tradition. They have seen acts of religion, music, and arts of several different cultures.

...No, it's not a term for you rapidly horny weebs that want to be smushed in the face by breasts, ass, or thighs. You all are pervs.
"You see him? He's a man of culture."

"Like in porn addiction or-"

"No, like a man who's interested in cultures."

"Ohhh, that seems more fitting."
by Un mongus. March 19, 2022
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A person who is "Based" and is able to recognize a true quality in anything such as movie, tv show, video game or even clothing.
Friend: Have you watched House of the Dragon?
Man of Culture: No, I have been re-watching "The Godfather ( 1972 )" and "Stalker ( 1979 )".

Friend: Bro, wanna play some CoD or Valorant?
Man of Culture: No, I don't care about that garbage, I only play Mil-Sim, EFT and STALKER.
by FluxMode October 22, 2022
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"Man of Culture" is Reddit slang used to describe someone with an unhealthy pornography addiction.
"Oh, I'm not addicted to hentai, I'm just a true 'man of culture' who appreciates the fine art of adult cinema."

"dude, what the fuck are you talking about"
by Gunfragla October 23, 2023
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"You watch hentai, i can see you're an man of culture'
"Shut the fuck up and go talk to an actual woman, you fucking loser"
by dybus August 5, 2021
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