A term to use for one that is useless.
Cunt 1: “That cunt is as useful as ‘Man-Nipples’“
Cunt 2: “not only useless, he’s annoying as Fuck
Cunt 1: “Yeah, ‘Marathon Rash Man-Nipples’
by Litcunt February 03, 2020
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Utter and complete awkwardness to the point of sophistication. To be so moronic that you crest into iconic.
Under ordinary circumstances, a joke about retards would simply be in poor taste. But at a Special Olympics Awards Banquet, Paco's crack about Christopher Burke's latest CD was so rife with 'old man's nippleness' that his anecdote was the highlight of the event. God bless that goofy bastard!
by Michael Gross July 28, 2003
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Nipple Man is a when some one has 3 or more nipples, there for he is a Nipple Man. If it is the women with extra nipples I'd call Ripleys believe it or not or some freaky porn photo taker person.
"Look Bob has extra Nipples, there for he is a Nipple Man, get the Pitch Forks and torchs."
by Grimmy March 01, 2005
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