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A figurative card signifying a man's state of manhood/brohood. Can be revoked by other bros if bro code is breached. Once revoked, the bro losing the card loses all his rights to bro code for the longevity of the revocation. Man card can be restored if the man does something to make up for the crime against his bros (i.e. buy a round of beers/shots, pay for burritos at chipotle)
Bro 1: We had to revoke Jim's man card because he violated article 7 of the bro code.

Bro 2: Dude, what a dick! How long is it revoked?

Bro 1: For a month, or until he buys us a round of beers or shots or some burritos at chipotle!

(Bro 1 & Bro 2 proceed with a high five)
by imaman November 12, 2011
While a woman is getting pounded the man would shout "there's a sniper get down!" He would then throw the girl across the room and proceed to ejaculate multiple times over the girls unconscious body
Man: i just gave a girl a good'ol rifle trifle

I am so sorry
by imaman August 6, 2018