The best person you could meet. Is sometimes annoying to you but makes up for it later. He always loves to crack jokes and is always at the center of drama with boys, people will make fun of him sometimes for talking with the girls but never cares.
Stacy : The new kid in class is always being a Malvin.
by PineapplePuzz January 15, 2019
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Always has gum on him, and will hand it out by the handful.

He's also really good at not doing homework, and making excuses to why he didn't do it.
Leyla: I really want some gum right now..
Ishaan: I think malvin has gum
Malvin: ummmm
by DorteTookMyBottle April 24, 2020
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Verb - to turn something (usually an event or plan) that is boring, bleak, or sometimes hopeless into something awesome and not boring or exciting.
Dude, help me malvinate at Operation Buy A Horse.
by TheSeargent September 04, 2011
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A place you take a crap when you have nowhere else to go.
Dude, pull over. I have to take a wet dump over there in that malvin.
by PrezPimm June 12, 2016
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Six foot three tall angry motorbike riding, disc golf playing, air guitarist with Coors Lite in hand
by Little Lola November 03, 2003
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A place where you take a dump.
Frank: YO! Wait up. I need to take a shit!

Jack: what the fuck?? Don't do it here, go to the malvin and shit on that.
by jackodude December 20, 2009
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He always has gum.
the best drug dealer you will ever meet. He is a rich (money wise not brain wise) and gum obsessed person you will ever meet. He is also very good at singing.
Leyla: Can u give me some gum? i kNoW u hAvE sOmE
Ishaan: I already have some. Give me more.
Aaron: Malvin is the best!! he gave me a whole pack of gum!!!!
by mynameisleyla March 10, 2020
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