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Malvin is a type of person who is mean in the outside and nice in the inside. He is the type of person that when you get to know will actually be nice and funny. He is sometimes a mischievious and intelligent man who loves to make jokes and make others laugh.

He likes to join with the "cool kids" and not show affection in school.
He dreams of life in paradise, where he won't be yelled at or be bullied.

People will always bully or make fun of him and he would talk back to them, in school someone usually will talk back and his plans will be backfired.
Nothings really goes wrong for him but he makes the most out of his time, even when he is through sadness, he cheers him self up.
Sergio: Malvin is such a dork
Cameron: Wow *laughs* look at his five head XD!
Gideon: He's a pretty nice dude so shut the fuck up!!
by helloImnewatminecraft July 04, 2018
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A place you take a crap when you have nowhere else to go.
Dude, pull over. I have to take a wet dump over there in that malvin.
by PrezPimm June 12, 2016
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A place where you take a dump.
Frank: YO! Wait up. I need to take a shit!

Jack: what the fuck?? Don't do it here, go to the malvin and shit on that.
by jackodude December 20, 2009
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