Malingering is intentional deceptive behavior, not a medical or psychiatric disorder. The diagnosis of malingering rests upon the identification of an external or "secondary" gain being present as the main motivation for the behavior. In other words, what does the person hope to gain?
Nurse is malingering out of work, now his teammates have to pick up his slack.
by pisceanaquifiel July 23, 2009
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A person who fakes an illness or injury to get out of work. Who is commonly know for screwing over his or her brothers so they have to work more overtime.
Member of the fire department who is malingering is also a load. I have to wax my car but to hell with riding a fire truck.
by Fire Dept Management June 21, 2007
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to feign injury or illness in order to avoid one's occupational work
Henry: Where is Joe today? I can't believe I'm stuck covering one of his classes.

Eric: He's probably malingering...
by King of Inland August 24, 2008
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The act of offering someone to suck your dick.

It is a response to a unreasonable demand from a friend. Malinge -- > "Mere" + "Linge" , Hindi for "Want" + "Mine", generally referring to someone's dick.
Guy 1: Hey can you help me move on over the weekend.

Guy 2: Malinge?
by nk7189 July 25, 2018
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To bestow street cred upon a nerdy white boy/girl. This street cred cannot be contested, and remains valid until it is removed by the person it was given by.
That crazy white girl knows that my jacket looks like Jay Z's. She got malinge'd in front of the whole crew.
by ScreenNameFail July 22, 2011
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