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Malinformation is fake information to make a scheme sound more believable. Often in the form of testimonials backing up Pyramid-like schemes. These scams tend to target people who suffer from chronic misinformedness.

Example from
"If you are not making thousands of dollars every month..."

Etc. etc. false claims, testimonials, only $50, you'll be making money in less then two hours...this page is full of malinformation.
by SchemeHater April 20, 2009
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Purposefully confabulated information intended to cause harm. Synonymous with black propaganda. Distinct from misinformation which is accidental, and disinformation which could potentially be used in a protective way, malinformation is always used to harm any and all recipients.
Fusion GPS' Russian Prostitute Urolagnia Dossier was malinformation that had ultimately harmed America, regardless of one's political alignment.
by negutits December 05, 2017
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