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Malene is a danish name and comes from the name Magdalene. It means 'Magnificent'. Malene is sweet, smart, logical, quiet and shy. She likes to live her life on her own terms and conditions. She is attracted to looks and attitude. She is beautiful but she can't see it herself. She is loving and caring towards other. She trusts people easily and that can lead to her being hurt, a lot. So be careful she takes words and actions very seriously and will over analyze them! She likes to help people but doesn't like to get help and will almost never ask for it. She loves to dream, it is what keeps her going in the end, her dreams.
"How are you Malene?"

"I'm fine." She looked down and faked a smile.
by jeanygirl June 11, 2013
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Malene is a retard who always ends with enormous boyfriend with a little penis. He's a fat bastard and don't care about Malene. She is incredible beatiful, but doesent know it her self + she got enormous boobs! she's a real catch!!
" Do you think her boobs are real? If they are, DAMN - that's Malene for sure!! "
by Kjottleik February 04, 2010
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