When a Males Is Having a Great Time Sexually and His Eyes Begin To Roll and His Moans and Groans Get Louder and His Penis Begins Throbbing.
She Was Too GoodI Got a Male Orgasm
by Urbanized Dictionary November 24, 2021
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When something is so great to a guy they get an orgasm
When i listened to those Beats by Dre i got a total male orgasm.
by alexny17ca December 14, 2010
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Occurs almost any time one even merely strokes a male's penis.
"A woman walked into the room and the man was thrown into instant male orgasm."
by Long Lover December 8, 2008
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you barely feel the cum, it is a very intense pressure in the upper legs, like a massage without feeling the person's hand at all and there is no knot, it lasts for about 5 seconds and it makes you forget you will die and forget how to think. you get tired and just want to sleep after.
hey the other night i had the best male orgasm of my life, the pressure was so intense i screamed.
by howtodefinethingsthewayitis November 16, 2020
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The male “orgasm” exists solely for the female orgasm, pleasure. Women orgasm as soon as they see a male ejaculate. In fact the male ejaculate increases the intensity of a female orgasm.
Yo jake did you hear men have no desire or pleasure in their orgasm. When we ejaculate it increases the intensity of the female orgasm and it solely exists for females pleasure.
by Gordon is here hahahahha July 6, 2022
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The male orgasm is a myth. It does not exists. I heard it feels like peeing HAHA. I also heard it feels like nothing therefore it is a myth. Only the female orgasm exists because it actually feels amazing.
Jake did you hear the male orgasm is a myth?! We’ve been being lied to. Oh shit Connor , no wonder why I never felt anything dude. Yeah only the female orgasm actually exists. Those girls are lucky, and theirs looks better too!
by Gordon is here hahahahha June 21, 2022
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Male orgasm is like an anti climax, disappointing and mild. Sometimes I question if the male orgasm exists. The male orgasm is still up to debate since it’s so anti climactic.
Male orgasm: Dude I had such a anti climax last night
You got to get that checked out
by Gordon is here hahahahha October 29, 2022
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