Malding is a condition originating from Uganda, where the patient zero was found (circa) 1990. It is often described as the human version of molding. Certain tobacco products like Snus are said to enhance the effects of malding.

It is characterized by the victims baldness, lack of skill and anger issues. Subjects of the condition are also said to have decorated their room with self portraits and paintings of things that make them feel uneasy.
"so mald, so bald"

"Why doesnt he back off when i hit him twice? Fucking RNG man"
by Sauha_ June 4, 2019
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Mald means:
a player who is having a hard time with a game“
“Someone who is mad and balding
Person 1: UGH I CANT WIN :(
Person 2: Mald
by HamAJPW November 14, 2021
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Someone who is mad that they are bad at a game. Also can refer to someone who is bald and mad, but that is the literal term.
He just lost, he must be malding!
Damn he sucks, he’s so mald!
by gigantyczny czad May 3, 2022
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Being mad and bald
Jonh: "Asmongold is always hating on retail WoW."
Dave: "Thats just because he's Mald"
by Mald Cap July 14, 2019
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When a bald man doesn't get his mount in World of Warcraft he may shout a phrase showing the mald phase has begun.
"Dogshit ass game dood" "Man what the fuck dood" "smashes head against keyboard* FUCK" "Cock ass"
bald man: uses a mald phrase
Someone: asmonMALD
by Sperglord of Draenor December 4, 2020
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The words Mad and bald put together. Someone who is Mald is either a mad and bald person, or a person who is Mad about being bald, and is therefore taking their frustration out on others.
Mike: Ha! Nice hair bro
John: Dude shut up, they shaved my head while I was sleeping you should have stopped them.
Mike: Why are you blaming me for you having too many drinks and passing out? You're so Mald.
by Yozaru November 9, 2011
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A combination of the words bad sad and bald. The streamer Ludwig Ahgren has used this phrase before in his Pokémon Black and White 2 Nuzlocke as Darth Mald
Jeff: Hey, Brian you’re mald dude.
Brian: Fuck you Jeff I’ve told you a thousand times stop calling me mald and stop sleeping with my wife.
by RandoBando43 December 8, 2019
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