A person who goes big dick (big clit for women) in a video game
I just went asmongold on that boss. Didn't get any purps doe. C-can I get that btw?
by PerryTP March 09, 2017
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A famous Youtuber and Twitch streamer who plays World of Warcraft and has been playing since the summer of 2006. He joined Youtube in the year 2010. He was born in Austin, Texas to 2 parents and a multitude of siblings. He started streaming in the 2016 and has been enjoying doing it ever since. His irl first name is Zack. His World of Warcraft story began in the summer of 2006 when his friend Zack, saw the game on his shelf while they were playing Halo and told him that they should play the game and he has been playing ever since. He currently has over 3.5 years of game time and is the guild leader for the Alliance Progressive Raiding Guild "Indestructible". Over the years, he managed to generate over 28000 achievement points, 3.8 million gold, 4.5 million health points, and an ilvl of 925. He currently resides in Austin, Texas with his parents in which live with him. He is definitely one of the greatest WoW players to ever live. He is an absolute true legend.
If we are going to complete this raid, we need to go full Asmongold on this fucking boss, you get me?

Sup y'all, it's me, it's ya boy Asmongold.
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by DJT for prez July 30, 2017
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