mal - uh - key
a typically masculine name given to the best of people on the world. often described as gorgeous, perfect, and very kind and caring. a boy with this name would be the greatest you could ask for, and would stick by your side in exchange for love and support. he is very cute at times and fun to be around, as long as he is kept happy. naming your child Malachy may give the chance of him growing up to be a fantastic son, brother, or husband.
"Have you met Malachy? He's the most perfect man I could ask for!"

"Malachy is so amazing!"
by finn.likes.ferns January 24, 2019
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A kid from Dublin who you originally thinks a scumbag but turns out to be a good lad. Soundest man alive after Gerry Adams.
That lad there is an absoloute malachy
by Woodneister June 20, 2018
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The name Malachy is used for the sexiest men alive. Any Malachy might be a bit mean to you, but you can easily tell that they're trying to be nice to you. A Malachy has a cute smile, beautiful eyes and a great personality.
Person1: Oh My! Did you see that boy at school!
Person2: Yes!! He's definitely a Malachy!
by M0EWG0M October 30, 2019
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A word used to define a young (usually) male, who looks older than his age and has a very well presented body, found attractive by women, gay men and straight men.
"That bloke was so Malachy!"

"Dude did you see that guy at the beach yesterday?"
"Yeah... The Mal? Juicy as hey!"
by wrathchild March 7, 2008
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Malachy;meanings Great penis in size large six pack and very Attracted by women with the name Isabella. The male also has great hair and big muscles.
Women,"The Malachy was sexy, I wish I had one for a boyfriend."
by Isabella Battiston November 9, 2015
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Malachy is a great boy he’s a bit fat but
his penis is massive.Malachy will normally hit puberty at 9 and have many good friends.He is also very hyper and crazy he likes to do dumb things that get him in trouble
I love Malachy so much, he’s probably got a massive penis.
by Farmer joe 1267 October 19, 2019
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A person who acts like skinhead Rooney, has baggy trousers and wears scoop daddies. 10 inch+ penis in length, six pack, muscular and ladies man
Did you see that guy at the party.
He was sooo 'malachy'
by Extra Hugh Janus October 22, 2019
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