to be too busy to handle another task; preoccupied
man, dont bother me, i have an exam tomorrow morning and im making toast
by jcrew122392 May 15, 2008
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1."You're not making toast.."
(You're not making sense..)

2."That makes perfect toast!"
(That makes good sense!)
by sMiLeY February 05, 2005
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Usually told to someone you really want to kill themselves, but don't want to explicitly say "kill yourself".
"Hey dude you should really check out this cool new anime-"
"Make toast in the bathtub"
by Maleficent Dolphin March 24, 2017
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The act of dropping a toaster in a bathtub to end one's life. This expression is typically used when one is angry at a mistake or someone.
Joe said " IM MAKING TOAST IN THE BATH!" after he messed up his piano song live in front of the whole school. Joe is a fag and he likes 69.
by DatBoiLmao October 14, 2017
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If she was a toaster and i was a piece of bread... lets just say we'd be "Making some toast".
by Jimmy "The Hands" June 03, 2010
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