To find ways to solve the issue.
I havr find ways to make it work,by studing relationship"s.
by Dr.Anta-Elon Kahn March 30, 2018
Lets give it a go. What do you say
There is no right or wrong time and place
Only regret if we don't find out
Hey, lets try this, we can make it work.

Lets find the nearest bottle bank for all these beers. I'll help. I love you.
by Bad Translator May 13, 2020
When multiple bros work together to accomplish something.
Bro 1: Did you see that YouTube video “we all lift together?”
Bro 2: No what is it?
Bro 1: 5 guys hammer a nail in rhythm.
Bro 2: Many hands make light work.
by We all lift together February 24, 2021
This term, generally associated with programming or construction of some sort, means to do whatever you gotta do to simply make it work. When you do something on a MTBW basis, you generally have no regard for efficiancy, safety, error correction, or anything other than the most basic instance of it performing the task it was designed to do.
My program is slow and inefficiant because I made it on a MTBW basis.
by Kamel February 27, 2005
When many people come together to do a task or tasks and it is made easier because of the unity.
My friends ,family and neighbors came to help me finish building my house and the many hands make lite of work.
by dragonboy8586 November 13, 2019