To emit loud sounds from your butt when visiting the toilet, could include splashes as your turd hits the water.
I REALLy need to visit the bathroom and make music
by Sambambino August 3, 2008
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A sexual term. Using a musical condom and making a fast tune!
we are making music!!!
hell yeah with these awesome musical condoms
by applesause on a dick December 28, 2011
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Music that makes one want to fornicate, thus making babies. i.e. Van Morrison and Marvin Gaye
God, who played this song? This is some Baby making music!
by Sweet Dee August 6, 2008
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Musical tones played before and sometimes during conception that sets the "mood" for either the guy or girl.
"Let's Get It On" by Barry White
"Smack That" by Akon
"Shaft" by Isaac Hayes


"Turk and Carla required baby making music because they were unable to make a child in the first few months."
by M-Rizzle-Fo-Schizzle May 18, 2009
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(abbreviated as BMM) Music that gets you in the mood for sexy time. There is no defining characteristic of BMM, it is completely subjective and dependant on each person's musical preferences.
Girl 1: My boyfriend is so weird, he gets turned on whenever Britney Spears starts playing haha
Girl 2: Easy for you to say, my boyfriend gets mad hard whenever I play the soviet union national anthem. He says it is his preferred Baby Making Music.
Girl 1: I hate it here.
by Mary Mary Quite The Contrarian September 7, 2021
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A game in which one less than half the participants sit in a circle facing outward while the other half + 1 walks in a circle around the seated participants as music plays. When the music stops, those circling "make-out" with the closest seated individual until the round is declared over and all seated participants are chosen. The player who does not find a partner is out and during the next round one seated player is also removed. The game continues in this way until all seated players have been removed.
by likthecowhappy November 6, 2010
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