She is a pretty girl and she is honest funny and nice shes the best friend you could ever have she always has your back no matter what she has a dark side tho so dont be fooled by her good funny nice side because when it comes down to her dark side only men want to be around her .
damn makaylah is pretty asf
by kyhaire March 16, 2015
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A tall pretty African American girl, who's prettier than she thinks. Outgoing, Bubbly, Super Athletic, Super Outgoing, Funny, Creative, A Good Drawer, A Dancer, A Singer, Friendly, Good, An Aspiring Actress, and a Model. She loves YouTube, MagCon, and hanging with friends.
Girl 1: Hey, you're Makaylah right?
Makaylah: Yes, I am.
Girl 1: I've heard a lot about you!
Makaylah: Gosh, I hope that's a good thing!
by GeorgiaC May 22, 2014
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She is a goofy,funny ,smart, an very pretty she so fucking cute I use to like her in fifth grade but she was a bad ass she use to hang around larry ,jarvis, and jaylon Isaac she didn't like me but I liked her she tall she got butt an she use to hang around denitrece, saniyah but makaylah was the cute one out of all of them she got Brown eyes an lauderhill Paul Turner was fun she use to make every body laugh .. but denitrece thought she was all that she thought she was the queen but she really not but I love u makaylah Hoffman - Nickison hypolite❤
Makaylah Hoffman so fucking pretty
by Nickison hypolite June 25, 2018
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Makaylah's are normally crazy , short , and chubby , they also have a great sence of fashion , alot of the time they dont know what they want , they have hearts of gold but dont know how to show it , they are known for big butts , guys normally go for them and consider them "yes girls" , Makaylah's are normally pretty and have pretty blue eyes , Makaylah's are true friends and will go far to help their friends even if they have to walk , Makaylah's are considered "party animals"
Guy : damn Makaylah ! you got a big butt !
Makaylah : why thanks you .

Guy 2 : want to goto a party tonight , Makaylah ?
Makaylah : I'll be the first one there .
by Nicole Johnson December 10, 2012
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She funny, acts nice but really is mean, athletic , and dosent care with others say. She has a lot of friends but she is humble and she has a bunch of sidelines.
You know Makaylah”
by TheShoot3rPage April 1, 2019
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