A cool girl who loves to laugh, smile and is kind to others. Not to mention she's a bombshell as well.
Yes, that is Majo...she's one unique person.
by coolrod12 September 27, 2010
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cool girl who loves to sing and dance and has the ability to drive u crazy
Its Majo bitch!
by crazydude1991 July 11, 2008
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Lettuce king. He thinks he's better than everyone else. He looks for tutorials for each game so that he can ruin everything for you. He can always find an excuse for cheating.
Majo kokot = Tokok ojam
by TheMnau May 17, 2022
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Kinda old Castilian term meaning hottie. Maja is the feminine form. Pronounced Ma-ho
Era majo de muchacho, eh?
(He was hot when he was young, no?)
by Rozen Maiden November 17, 2010
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an expression used when surprised/shocked or in pain
Ex: 1) Professor: "Your research papers are due today."

Student: "Freakin' Majo! I forgot to do it!"

Ex: 2) You stub your toe on something and cry out "Freakin' Majo
by jnicki April 1, 2010
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1.a new name for the j's.

Ex; AJ TJ MJ......

2. means cute in special cases.

3.majo means lower class but the j gives it a sense of power.

4. very honorable and valued. use this if you have lots of power
dylan o'brien is majo j

my kid is very majo j
by majo j lavar December 20, 2016
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Someone who is cool, chill and very funny!!! He is full of surprises, a mystery man even. Despite the name this person can't cook at all, unless they are of Somali descent. They are probably very athletic and prefer sports like basketball or soccer.
by Roxy_RaRa September 23, 2017
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