a kokot is person who is bitching about everything and acts like a fucker. he often says words like he is the best man ever...
It also may be used for man's sexual organ.
On je ale kokot! (he is so a dick)
On ma ale velky kokot. (he has a big cock)
by ajo & mato July 22, 2005
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Kokot je osoba ktorá volila Smer SD
A: "Tento kokot volil Smer."
B: "To je na piču"
by IstenemBaczi September 14, 2020
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Kokot is a slovak noun for cock or dick. It´s used as insult or dishonour.
It can be used as title for phallus, penis.
"A ten kokot, co po mne krici, toho zabijem nozom!"
"Co si tam mam dat kokot na ten nos?" (author: Melisko)

Translation: "And the dick, who shouts at me, I´ll kill him with the knife!"
"Shall I give a dick on that nose?"
by Oliver P. January 20, 2008
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"dick" in Czech and Slovak , usually referred as "čůrák,kokot, péro (only the genitalia)"
Usually used as a description of male's genitalia or a guy who's a dick
Jeho si nevšímej, je to kokot - Don't bother with him, he's a dick
Má velkýho kokota - He's got a big dick .
by Sloth007 March 12, 2017
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Either “dick” in slovak/czech or a chicken in polish
Teammate1: you fucking kokot
Teammate2: dont call me a fucking chicken
Teammate1: i just called you a dick wym?
by BenyFrajerBoss January 30, 2020
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Kokot is what we Slovaks call an "extremely intelligent person", usually a man.
If you see someone whose brain is working on 150%, you can say "Wow you are such a kokot! Great job!". Slovak example is "Ty vyjebaný tupý kokot". That means "You tremendously smart extremely intelligent man!". Somone less intelligent but still smart can be called "kokotko".
"Kokot najebaný"
"Dokúrený kokot"
by Smooky_ February 12, 2022
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Kokot is a curse word that people that live in Slovakia understand 😏
When something is fucked up, just say "Kokot"
"Ty si taký kokot Jožo."
by yourmomismysaguarmom October 27, 2020
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